HitTrax™ is the first and only baseball/softball simulator. It is available at The Hitting Zone for $60 per hour or $40 per half hour.


HitTrax provides a powerful combination of entertainment and analytics that has never before been available for indoor facilities until now at The Hitting Zone!


HitTrax uses patented technology that displays displaying live results for immediate feedback and measures real-time data. You can analyze performance data with the purpose of identifying bad habits before you step on the field.


We will organize hitting leagues, tournaments, and home run derbies, and bring the excitement of the outdoor game into The Hitting Zone!


We offer in-depth performance reports to further engage our clients and players who use our HitTrax baseball/softball simulator!


From pitching to hitting, HitTrax offers in-depth performance reports in each category. Softball? YOU BET! This is a softball and baseball technological program!
Come see for yourself what separates us from the rest! With HitTrax, hit beyond the cage!

HitTrax simulator
HitTrax simulator


The ProBatter PX2 Baseball Video Simulator is available at The Hitting Zone for $60 per hour or $40 per half hour.


The ProBatter PX2 Baseball Video Simulator is the premier video pitching simulator in the world for baseball. ProBatter can be manually operated or easily programmed to deliver specific pitches with its sleek touchscreen controller. A video front displays a pitcher that delivers major league-quality pitches both inside and outside of the strike zone to keep you on your feet. Pitches can range from speeds of 60 mph to 100 mph, and include basically every type of pitch imaginable! Fastballs, sinkers, sliders, cutters, curves, and changeups are all fair game in this realistic batting simulator.


Come visit our facility and experience it for yourself!

ProBatter Simulator
ProBatter Simulator